Playlist 30.04.2018

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Playlist 30.04.2018

On this week's programme:

The Kafundó label releases their latest volume of Brazilian afrobeat, while the inheritor of the original genre in Nigeria, Seun Kuti, graced Dublin with two fiery performances last weekend.

Imarhan are hard-rocking Tuaregs from Southern Algeria.

BCUC, or Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness, are a very interesting prospect from Soweto.

Toko Telo are a Madagascan trio featuring two of the island’s top guitarists - D’Gary and Joël Rabesolo, together with renowned singer Monica Njava.

Baloji is a Belgian-Congolese rapper and lyricist, and the track featured has a stunning video -

Invisible System is the calling card of Dan Harper - Ethiopian, and now Malian, musical explorer.

Ostinato Records have turned their curatorial skills to Sudan and the unique driving tambour music of Abu Obaida Hassan.

The Turbans are an 11-piece multicultural London outfit in praise of Hackney!

Eugenia Georgieva is a Bulgarian singer and one-time member of the Perunika Trio.

Yiddish Glory is the extraordinary story of the miraculous survival of Jewish music from the horrors of World War II.

The Brazilian session includes Sao Paulo rapper, Tassia Reis; singer-songwriter-producer, Curumin; reggae-psychedelia duo, Criolina; and two albums from the +2 stable, that is the second generation contemporary Tropicalia wave, represented here by Domenico Lancellotti and Kassin… with Moreno Veloso not too far away.

From Galicia, Sangre de Muerdago is the vehicle of Pablo C. Ursusson, composer, painter, sculptor, lyricist, free soul, and traveller of the deep forests and seven seas!



Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Monday April 30th. The programme goes out every Monday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.    Abeokuta: “Orunmila”. From the compilation “Kafundó Volume 6: Afrobeat Brazil” (Kafundó 2018).

2.    Seun Kuti & Egypt 80: “Corporate Public Control Department (C.P.C.D.)”.  From “Black Times” (Strut 2018).

3.    Imarhan: “Ehad  wa dagh”. From “Tenet” (City Slang 2018).

4.    BCUC (Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness): “Moya”. From “Emakhosini” (Buda 2018).

5.   Toko Telo: “Tsy Tea Raho”. From “Diavola” (Anno 2018).

6.   Baloji: “Peau de Chagrin - Bleu de Nuit”. From “137 Avenue Kaniama” (Bella Union 2018).

7.   Invisible System: “Samé”. From ‘Bamako Sessions” (Riverboat / World Music Network 2018).

8.   Abu Obaida Hassan: “Daweena”. From “Abu Obaida Hassan And His Tambour - The Shaigiya Sound Of Sudan” (Ostinato 2018).

9.   The Turbans: “Hackney”. From “The Turbans” (Six Degrees 2018).

10. Eugenia Georgieva: “Po Drum Mome”. From “Po Drum Mome” (Riverboat / World Music Network 2018).

11. Yiddish Glory: “Nitsokhn Lid - Victory Song”. From “Yiddish Glory - The Lost Songs of World War II” (Six Degrees 2018).

12. Tassia Reis: “Desapegada”. From “Outra Esfera” (Tassia Reis 2016).

13. Curumin: “Bora Passear”. From “Boca” (Natura Musical 2017).

14. Criolina: “Rocksteady de Bequimao a Cururupu”. From “Radiola Em Transe” (SeteSóis 2017).

15. Kassin: “Estricnina”. From “Relax” (Luaka Bop 2018).

16. Domenico Lancellotti feat. Sean O’Hagan: “Logo”. From “Good is a Big God” (Luaka Bop 2018).

17. Sangre De Muerdago: “O Descanso”. From “Noite” (Música Máxica 2018).

Thanks for listening.

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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1. Imarhan: “Tenet” (City Slang).


2. The Gloaming: “The Gloaming Live at the NCH” (Real World).


3. Seun Kuti & Egypt 80: “Black Times” (Strut).


4. El Naán: “La Danza de las Semillas” (El Naán).


5. Toko Telo: “Diavola” (Anio).


6. Femi Kuti: “One People One World” (Knitting Factory).


7. Anna & Elizabeth: “The Invisible Comes To Us” (Smithsonian Folkways).


8. Baloji: “137 Avenue Kaniama” (Bella Union).         


9. Hugh Masekela: “Masekela ’66 - ’76” (Wrasse).


10. Various Artists: “Aïta: Sheikhates & Shioukhs of the Aïta - Anthology” (10 CDs - Charles Cros / Atlas Azawan).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.  BCUC: “Moya”. From “Emakhosini” (Buda).

2.  Imarhan: “Imuhagh”. From “Tenet” (City Slang).

3.  Fatoumata Diawara: “Kokoro”. From “Fenfo” (Shanachie).


4.  The Rheingans Sisters: “This Forest”. From “Bright Field” (Rheingans Sisters).

5.  Elina Duni: “Let Us Dive In”. From “Partir” (ECM).

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