Playlist 06.12.2021

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Playlist 06.12.2021

On this week's programme:

Trupa Trupa are Polish art-rockers.

Nwando Ebizie is a British-Nigerian multimedia artist.

Juçara Marçal is the voice of Brazilian trio Metá Metá, here in a solo capacity.

Ben LaMar Gay is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Chicago.

Analog Africa’s “Essiebons Special” celebrates the work of Ghanaian producer, the late Dick Essilfie-Bondzie.

Lass is a Senegalese artist, now resident in France.

Jembaa Groove are a German-Ghanaian duo based in Berlin.

D’Agua Negra are a Brazilian soul trio from Manaus.

Cristina Clara is a Portuguese singer with a style that embraces folk traditions from fado to chorinho.

The Nilotika Cultural Ensemble have released the first African nyabinghi album.

Proekt Polotense are a folky duo from Moscow.

Santiago Cordoba travelled from Argentina with synthesiser to encounter the Bauls of Bengal.

Karolina Cicha seeks out the hidden and remote cultures of her native Poland.

Assafir roam from the Aegean sea to the Caspian, purveyors of Thracian culture from Greece and Turkey.

Rusan Filiztek is a well-travelled Anatolian now settled in France.

Barbora Xu is a Czech musician linking the traditions of Finland and China.

Park Jiha is a Korean composer with a facility on many instruments, including here the yanggeum.

Dorota Barova is a singer and cellist from the Czech Republic.

NB. Part One of my 2021 Highlights on Mon Dec 13th. Part Two Dec 20th.

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Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Monday December 6th. The programme goes out every Monday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.Trupa Trupa: “Twitch” (Single from forthcoming album on Glitterbeat).

2.Nwando Ebizie: “The Swan”. Single from forthcoming album “The Swan” (Accidental Records).

3.Juçara Marçal: “Ladra”.

4.Juçara Marçal: “Oi Cat”.Both from “Delta Estacio Blues” (Mais Um 2021).

5.Ben LaMar Gay: “Touch Don’t Scroll”.

6.Ben LaMar Gay: “We Gon Win”.Both from “Open Arms To Open Us” (International Anthem/Nonesuch 2021).

7.Ernest Honny: “Kofi Psych”. From “Essiebons Special 1973-1984 - Ghana Music Power House” (Analog Africa 2021).

8.Lass: “Mo Yaro”. From EP “Lass” (Chapter Two 2021).

9.Jembaa Groove: “Amale” (Single from forthcoming album on Agogo).

10.D’Agua Negra: “Acopalices”. From the EP “Erógena” (Amplifica 2021).

11.Cristina Clara: “Saia Velhinha”. From “Lua Adversa” (Sony Portugal 2021).

12.Nilotika Cultural Ensemble: “Jajja Yayagala Nnyo”.

13.Nilotika Cultural Ensemble: “Oli Kibun’omu”. Both from “Nyabingi Resurrection” (Switchstance Recordings 2021).

14.Proekt Polotense: “Kukushka”. From the EP “B-Sides” (Proekt Polotense 2021).

15.Santiago Córdoba & The Bauls of Bengal: “Manush Gache Ekbar”. From “Doroja” (Earthly Measures 2021).

16.Karolina Cicha & Company: “Slahyr Boju”. From “The Karaim Music Map” (Polish Karaim Association 2021).

17.Karolina Cicha: “Placz nad mlodoscia co odchodzi”. From “Tany” (Karolina Cicha 2020).

18.Assafir: “Ada Son Kosmon Agapo”. From “Digressions” (Assafir 2021).

19.Rusan Filiztek: “Ahmedo Roni”.

20.Rusan Filiztek: “Sans Souci”.From “Sans Souci” (Accords Croisés 2021).

21.Barbora Xu: “Olin Ennen Otramaana”.

22.Barbora Xu: “Huáng Hè Lóu”.Both from “Olin Ennen” (Nordic Notes 2021).

23.Park Jiha: “Light Way”. From the forthcoming album “The Gleam” (tak:til/Glitterbeat).

24.Dorota Barova: “Cisza”. From “Dotyk” (Animal Music 2021).

Thanks for listening.

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*Recommendations below!


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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1. Juçara Marçal: “Delta Estacio Blues” (Mais Um).

2.Monsieur Doumani: “Pissourin” (Glitterbeat).

3.Susana Baca: “Palabras Urgentes” (Real World).

4.Tamala: “Lumba” (Muziekpublique).

5.V.A: “Essiebons Special 1973-1984 - Ghana Music Power House” (Analog Africa).

6.Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita: “Suba” (Bendigedig).

7.Xanthoula Dakovanou: “Lamenta” (Quart de Lune).

8.V.A: “Kulintang Kultura: Danongan Kalandunyan & Gong Music of the Philippine Diaspora” (Smithsonian Folkways).

9.Meridian Brothers y Conjunto Media Luna: “Paz En La Tierra” (Bongo Joe).

10. Justin Adams & Mauro Durante: “Still Moving” (Ponderosa).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.Ernest Honny: “Kofi Psych”. From “Essiebons Special 1973-1984 - Ghana Music Power House” (Analog Africa).

2.Lass: “Yaco Mome”. From the EP “Lass” (Chapter Two).

3.Assafir: “I Lili I Skandaliara”. From “Digressions” (Assafir 2021).

4.Barbora Xu: “Lintuseni”. From “Olin Ennen” (Nordic Notes).

5.Park Jiha: “Light Way”. From forthcoming album “The Gleam” (tak:til / Glitterbeat).
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